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Double talent ,
double the fun!


Picture by Matthias Ziemer

Artist Statement

We are twins. United by a unique bond that has accompanied us since childhood, it is the heart of our art and gives our performances a deep harmony and impressive intensity. Although we are twins, we have always been very different, but the love of juggling and music has kept our synchronicity and intuitive understanding of each other is the result of years of shared practice and a deep, natural connection that only twins know. Our natural competition as twins drives us to always do our best and to push new boundaries. This healthy rivalry is a driver for innovation and excellence in our art. But despite the competition, we are connected by a deep brotherhood that strengthens our collaboration. We motivate, support and inspire each other. Together we want to push the boundaries of what is possible and present the art of juggling in its most diverse and impressive form. We want every spectator to forget their everyday life for a few hours and leave our show with a smile and a feeling of joy.

About Us

Michael and Florian Canaval discovered their passion for music and juggling at the age of six. In addition to their main instruments, the cello and drums, they received lessons in piano, guitar and violin. At the age of eleven they were already performing at smaller events in their hometown of Gmunden, followed by appearances at street festivals. For years they were members of various bands.

In their youth, they trained up to eight hours a day, which allowed their juggling skills to improve steadily. By the age of twenty, they were among the world's top technical sport juggling artists. They mastered tricks that other jugglers considered impossible and juggled up to twelve clubs together - a feat that few duos can master so well.

In 2012, they successfully participated in the juggling world championship in North Carolina, USA, and won numerous medals. In 2016, they began their training at the renowned Berlin State School of Performing Arts, which they successfully completed in 2019. After their training, a three-month tour followed, and in their first year of work, they received their first longer variety engagements.

In 2022, they won the award from the Club of Circus, Variety and Artist Friends of Switzerland for their show TWIN-GLOW at the international circus festival Young Stage. The next award followed in 2024: At the Berlin Artists Festival, they won the Innovation Award with TWIN-BEATS.

The Canavaltwins have already participated in numerous productions at home and abroad and enjoy great popularity both nationally and internationally.

nice con Michael

Picture by Matthias Ziemer

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