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11 light beams, 2 LED cubes,
exciting music...BOOOM!

This act will make your event shine! Spectacular images are conjured up in the darkness using the latest LED equipment. Just when you think it's all over, another club appears out of nowhere until everything ends in a huge rainbow. The Canavaltwins are the only duo in the world to juggle up to 11 clubs on stage while standing on cubes, setting new standards in technical partner juggling. This performance is guaranteed to take your breath away.


Prize of the Club of Circus,

Variety and artist friends

of Switzerland

Young Stage Festival


Juggling clubs= HOT

Is it a drumstick or a club? This is the question that every spectator who witnesses this unique act is probably asking themselves. With a lot of wit and charm, the Canavaltwins take you into a world in which dynamic and powerful rhythms are combined with fast-paced juggling. In this breathtaking show, the virtuoso club juggling and the rousing drumming merge into an explosive combination.


Innovation Award

Newcomer Artists

Festivals Berlin


A symbiosis of live cello and glowing clubs

Immerse yourself in the harmonious sounds of live cello and piano and let yourself be carried away by the fascinating art of club conglage.

Feel the emotional intensity as the cello plays its melodies and the clubs whirl elegantly through the air. The self-composed music and the clubs merge into a true work of art that will amaze you.




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